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Holistic Health Code | Coaching, Education, Community

Nurse-led virtual health clinic providing accessible, evidence-based, holistic care & education for all.


What We Do

Coaching | Education | Supplements

We help our clients get healthy with food-based protocols, professional grade supplements, lifestyle and behavior change. Together we discover root cause, make a plan, set goals and achieve them. And we’re here — every step of the way.


Does your provider spend time talking to you about nutrition, stress management and healthy relationships? Do they teach you about hormones, gut health, meditation and movement? Do you understand your health stats? Your medication? Your risk factors? We can help you connect the dots.

Meg Tantillo BSN, RN


Our Care Model



Health is more than just your physical body. We want to know everything.



Care and education rooted in science (but we’re big on gut feelings, too).



We work as a team. Relationships are major key. Spoiler alert: you’re in the drivers seat.



Telehealth, data analytics and research; We’re part of the healthcare solution.


We’re data driven.

We track your progress and compare it over time, helping you get better faster and helping us improve. 

My Symptom Tracker


Heal for real.

Not a quick-fix or band-aid approach, we search for root cause and help you make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Nursing, at the heart of patient care, leading the revolution to making healthcare more patient-centered and quality-driven.

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