Sculpt & Glow


Kristen Ziolko


Bounce your way to a glowing, toned body.

I’m sure you’ve see the giant ball in the corner of the gym or maybe one is rolling around in your basement. At first glance, you think, what am I supposed to do with this thing? Well, what if I told you that you could have a detoxifying and seriously sculpting workout with that underrated gym accessory…? The fitness ball.

One of the major perks of working with a fitness ball is its detoxing properties. Simply sitting on the ball and bouncing promotes lymphatic drainage.

Rebounding contracts the muscles in the abdominal area, as well as other parts of the body, and moves the lymph fluid out into the blood system, and eventually into the kidneys, thereby removing toxins from the body.

Bouncing on the ball is a gentle form of rebounding and especially good if you suffer from “I had late-night pizza and wine, now I’m puffy” bloat, joint issues, or weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Not only is rebounding a great therapeutic exercise, once you increase core stability, bouncing sequences can become more elaborate and an alternative form of cardio.

Now let’s talk toning...

My approach to movement stems from my career as professional ballet dancer/teacher and is the essence of Corps Technique, work the body as a whole and stay present within motion, challenging the mind-body connection.

Ball workouts are an invigorating way to challenge muscle control, develop better coordination and feel muscles you didn’t know existed. All of these start to diminish with lifestyle factors and age.

Consistency is key. Working out doesn’t have to be a major production. Do what you can, when you can.

Maybe somedays it’s a hardcore “let’s do this hour” or just a quick 10 minute bounce followed by some full body toning sequences 3-4 times a week to get us feeling radiant, confident and lifted. So why not have a ball while you’re at it?

Check out a 5 minute rebounding ball workout on IGTV @corpstechnique or visit for individual ball workouts and my latest collection, Sculpt & Glow.


Kristen Ziolko is a body designer and the founder of Corps Technique. Her customized training program is an innovative blend of ballet, muscle conditioning and stretching that refines and sculpts the body.